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Lynmouth Sea Pool Update

The North Devon World Surfing Reserve has little new information to report right now on the proposals to reinstate the historic sea pool at Lynmouth.

We can confirm that we were consulted at the initial stages and a site visit was made by NDWSR and some of the group putting the idea forward.

NDWSR were clear about the need for wave modelling to be undertaken to coincide with any potential design to ensure the integrity of the surf break.

The group behind the idea have now obtained the support of Lynton and Lynmouth Town Council and are investigating possible funding sources.

As of now, no specific plans have been drawn up and no timetable has been indicated.

When we are in receipt of any plans, we will insist on Wave Modelling to be undertaken and will seek the advice from the University of Plymouth on this as a trusted Local Stewardship Council member.

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