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Friends of the

North Devon World Surfing Reserve

Launching June 2023. Brand usage and partnership information


Friends of

Small businesses, individuals and groups contribute £100 per year and:


  • Can include mention of being a Friend of the World Surfing Reserve (e.g. online, billboards etc).

  • Receive a unique Friends of ND WSR Logo for websites and documents.

  • Receive a sticker pack

  • Friends of ND WSR branding, name and logo can not be used for commercial use (e.g. merchandise, ticket offers etc)


'Small Businesses' relates to cafes, surf schools, surf shops etc.


These organisations have approximately 10 or less staff (or 20 staff if in seasonal tourism). Medium to large size businesses such as hotels should contact to agree appropriate annual contributions. The ND WSR reserves the right to turn down businesses that negatively impact the Reserve. 

Commercial Partnerships

The North Devon World Surfing Reserve does undertake commercial partnerships as a way to create funds for the protection of the coastline and/or to raise awareness. This includes opportunities for brand usage and broader partnership. 


No usage of the North Devon World Surfing Reserve brand, name and logo is available for use without an agreement in place first. This includes all surf brands, events and tourism using the name and brand to promote commercial business. Essentially this is anything that makes it look a partnership or active support is in place.


Whilst any organisation can say it is operating within the North Devon World Surfing Reserve, the logo, branding or any brand association requires a prior agreement.


Each partnership will be agreed with the core group responsible for the ND WSR on a case by case basis. To set up an agreement please contact

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