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Local Stewardship Plan



The North Devon World Surfing Reserve is a community-led organisation that protects local surf breaks and their related ecosystems to conserve the surfing experience and make sure there are waves for all forever.



The North Devon World Surfing Reserve is a coalition of organisations and communities.


The coalition draws on the strengths and expertise of existing organisations and focuses them on recognition, celebration and preservation of the surf Ecosystem.


The North Devon World Surfing Reserve will encourage ocean passionate people to become conservation advocates.


Truth. We use relevant research, expertise and knowledge to inform the dynamics and evolution of the Reserve.

Community. We’re part of both our local community and the wider surfing community. We listen, collaborate and represent.

Energy. We don’t wait for things to happen – we work to make them happen (or stop them happening) by just getting on with it.

Determination. We know that things worth doing rarely come easily, and that clear water lies ahead if you keep going. We persevere. We persist. We endure.


Respect. We respect other people and their opinions. We respect other organisations and their perspectives and expertise. But most of all, we respect the natural world.

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