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Proposed Takeover of Lynmouth Harbour

The North Devon World Surfing Reserve (NDWSR) has concluded its initial findings into the proposed move for North Devon Council to take over the management of Lynmouth Harbour.

Members of the NDWSR Local Stewardship Council have been in direct communication with various stakeholders and we see that there is no immediate threat to the surf break at Lynmouth. Although the wording in the documents is of natural concern to local surfers, it is the same powers that exist amongst the current responsible parties, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The NDWSR believes that having the local authority in charge for the management of the harbour gives us better protection of the surf break at Lynmouth.

One of the clauses in the proposed takeover is the legal requirement to set up an independent advisory group, for which the NDWSR will request a direct presence on.

We are satisfied that there are no current plans to make any changes to the harbour use that will affect the quality of surf at Lynmouth. We are also encouraged that the potential of having a local and experienced harbour master responsible for its use will make the area safer for all water users.

Collectively, we have a responsibility to protect what we love and we must all remain vigilant to any new issue that might arise and impact the surf and act on it immediately. For any concerns affecting the surfing quality within the North Devon World Surfing Reserve, please report it using the Save The Waves Coalition app. Download iOS Download Android

Full details of the proposed takeover can be found here The Lynmouth Harbour Empowerment Order - GOV.UK (

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