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Lynmouth Harbour Update

The North Devon World Surfing Reserve has been working closely with the Local Stewardship Council and various stakeholders on the recent developments at Lynmouth Harbour. Following our recent statement on the issue, we thought it would be worth explaining the situation a little clearer.

Most notably, we will be looking to local surfers to represent the NDWSR on the new Harbour Board. More information on how people can apply for that position will be released in due course.

The proposal relates to bringing the harbour under the operation of North Devon Council and its harbourmaster, tidying up several out-dated regulations and regularising the existing situation.

NDC already own the Harbour, this is about recognising NDC as the Harbour Authority and not just the owner, a HA is the one which can enforce the powers given it by Parliament, where an owner cannot.

Many local user groups are very concerned by the proposal and have provided information about how to object. The deadline for comments and objections to the harbour orders section of the Marine management organisation was 24th August 2023.

NDWSR sent in comments to the MMO highlighting the unique nature of the surf break at Lynmouth, being within the NDWSR; its value to both surfers and spectators; and the need to ensure that it is there for future generations to enjoy.

Having viewed the proposal, NDWSR have checked with NDC representatives about any possible developments which might negatively impact the surf break and have been assured that there are no such plans.

A possible positive outcome of the proposal could result in a reduction of the current harbour zone, thereby increasing the area of the surf zone.

There will be a harbour board which will include local user groups and NDWSR will want to have a representative on that advisory group. We intend for that representative to come from within the Lynmouth surf community.

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