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Citizens of Surf

Join “Citizens of Surf” a UN Decade of Ocean Science Action to participate in citizen science and collect eDNA samples whilst surfing.

Take part in the first workshop to:

  • Co-design community led science that sparks local stewardship and increases Ocean Literacy

  • Generate results to better understand the marine environment and help protect local habitats and species that could be under threat

  • Be part of a wider project developing the methodology for monitoring surf ecosystems around the World

Friday 15 September

9 - 12pm

Croyde Beach

The first Citizens of Surf research paper showed that: 91.2% of participants go surfing to feel connected to the Ocean and 77.4% of participants attribute surfing to their understanding of the Ocean. The study indicated that surfers have potential to become engaged in marine citizen science with 55.8% of participants highly valuing ecosystems due to surfing and 59.2% of participants saying they would sign up to a citizen science programme.

Building on this social research, the next stage of Citizens of Surf is to trial the ways in which surfers can actually engage in citizen science, shifting to an interdisciplinary and collaborative process with participants. If you’re interested to learn how your Ocean literacy and surfing skills can contribute to biodiversity monitoring in surf ecosystems, join us!

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